Creating solutions for an effective

One to One marketing

We work every day to help companies in any B2C or B2B industry reinforce their customers’ knowledge and interact more effectively with them through one-to-one communications.

We help you to simplify your CRM allowing you to manage segmented and personalized communication in an easier and faster way.


We develop Martech solutions, because we know marketing is much easier with quality data & technology.

Customer relation management

Martech solutions

Marketing consulting

Discover our flagship product, a platform that will improve your marketing effectiveness

Merge into a single platform two worlds: data and communication

With automatic management of marketing database and multichannel communication, we offer an omnichanel approach to your brand. GETbizz exists to easily and effectively relate to your audiences: internal and external.  

Other Services



Data cleaning

Worse than not communicating is communicating with errors, in duplicate, or for the wrong target. Regular cleaning of the marketing database is the least you can do to ensure return on communications and high consent rates…


Marketing consulting

Use technology to improve Marketing effectiveness. We offer you support to enter the new world of data analytics and marketing strategies, building models for your business needs to an effective communication strategy.