One to One CDXP

GETbizz is an innovative martech platform to help you boost your company profitability and foster your customers’ loyalty through their journey activation. Think bigger than CDP. With GETbizz CDXP enjoy a fully integrated omnichannel solution adapted to your business needs. 

Fully integrated solution

In a 360º customer view, the campaigns actively use the entire marketing data. So you can offer a valuable omnichannel experience for your customers by activating personalized journeys for each of them – platform 24/7 in a self-service way you pay for what you use on a SaaS basis.


GETbizz complies with GDPR: in information handling, in hosting and security processes, and in communications. A true built-in GDPR system.


GETbizz integrates CRM processes with communication channels. Goal: maximizing the data quality to a confident path of a hipper communication.


GETbizz gives you real-time and automatically ROI for your campaigns. ROI is calculated based on conversions (effective sales), not just openings!

Direct targeting

Targeting has never been so easier: just set the criteria, choose if or not a Control Group, and filters will be done to your treated and cleaned marketing database. No lists are required!

Data cleaning

GETbizz applies data cleaning processes to your database: hygienizes, normalizes, and deduplicates so that you can personalize your communication with complete confidence.

Discover all GETbizz features and benefits 


 Choose GETbizz


Have the diverse customer data sources all integrated


Have the marketing database always operational


Set up and launch omnichannel campaigns in minutes


Email, SMS, Push and Direct Mail channels always available


Access simple or advanced reports to measure ROI and KPIs

GETbizz Solutions

With GETbizz, your company will be more Customer-centric and better prepared for the AI revolution. Each business has specific challenges and needs; that’s why GETbizz offers different solutions

Retail and e commerce

Repeated purchases generate many duplicates in your database. Minimizing the risk of sending more than one communication to the same customer is to ensure greater return on your communication. Countering churn is one of the constant struggles.


Managing the personal data of worldwide clients is a daily challenge. Our data quality algorithms are prepared to assign gender by name, correct some errors, and register distinct communication languages.

Health and wellbeing

There is no margin of error in this activity for the reliability of marketing data. Clearing and leaving only the essential, well deduplicated, to be able to evolve in the relationship may be the best strategy.


Knowing your customers and tracking new leads is to be able to predict results. In an industry in such a rapidly changing, customer knowledge is the key to customer retention and acquisition.


Data from B2B organizations, on average, doubles every 12-18 months. Therefore keeping your database clean and free of inconsistencies should be a priority. Only then can you have quality leads.