More than 25 years improving marketing effectiveness

One to One is a regulator of the marketing ecosystem: we protect the diversity of information and only eliminate what’s harmful to your communication! This is the basis of our engagement & complicity strategy.


We were born in 1998 and innovated in Relationship Marketing. As an active agent, we have been part of the huge transformation of the communications and the many changes that digital migration has brought. As a result our offer was reversed: we now provide to the brands the tools for them to communicate simply and on a self-service basis with their customers!


Now, with other technologies, we improve the customer experience. And we focus on GETbizz – that is our flagship offering today. GETbizz effectively and innovatively addresses the challenge of digital and multichannel integration (sales and personal data) for smarter and super-personalized communication.

Our history

Over the years we have been reading the change and adapting to the new ways of communication and customer loyalty. Markets have expanded across borders, creating new territories with wider, but much more sophisticated audiences, and the multichannel marketing strategy, to be more effective, is increasingly complex.

Today, our offering is based on our integrated platform – GETbizz, to increase one-to-one communication efficiency, accelerate relationships and measure return on investment (ROI). In addition, we also add other marketing tools to our platform, which with the experience of the past, we build today, a platform for the future!

For 20 years improving the effectiveness of the marketing ecosystem of our brand pattern!

Our Path 


One to One was established in 1998 as an agency focused on Relationship Marketing. With the advent of the internet began to merge its business with digital


During this period One to One integrated the Havas Media Group and launched its first technology platform – GET member get member


One to One created, developed and maintained GETbizz. Won the first clients who remain faithful until today. After a few years, One to One began, in parallel, a new concept for a new and more modern platform capable of leveraging his business – GETbizz 2.0. And get to develop it!


Launch of GETbizz 2.0

Our Contribution

We conceived and, together with the Faculty of Human Motricity, we launched for the Portuguese society this project that guides us to live healthier. Learn more about the Rituais 

We supported the WomenWinWin community from the start! Its social and business-boosting role for women, counts with us in the communication for the women entrepreneurs. Learn more about the WWW