ABC 1to1 :

marketing + IT glossary

To keep you up-to-date with the latest marketing buzzwords that are so technological today, we have created ABC 1to1 a glossary about marketing and technology. Visit also GETbizz blog and learn more about the world of marketing. 

A/B Test

Also known as split test, it consistes of creating two versions of the same variable and analyzing which one performs best with the target audience. In email marketing, subject, target and content tests are the most popular. the inclusion of emojis in the subject, amount of text and different image formats. Also in mobile marketing split tests are used to evaluate different texts.



Advertising space for ad placement, available on a web page.


ADSL | Assymetric Digital Subscriber Line

Technology for broadband information transfer, over standard copper telephone lines.



It is the entity that communicates products or services through advertising.



It is the term that covers distinct professional activities (from the ad’s conception until its publish) and which underlies the image and awareness creation of a brand or product/service in the market. Advertising is a communication technique and had its big boost in post World War II, with the economies’ development, the baby boom in the 1950s and 1960s and the assumption of marketing as one of the key management functions. Today in a digitalized world advertising is within everyone’s reach.


Affiliate programs

Programs created by organizations dedicated to this specific digital marketing channel to capture qualified leads. Basically, it consists of creating a partnership between the affiliate program promoter and several websites, blogs or other web formats for the referral of Internet users, these pages’ visitors and which are forwarded through links, banners or other advertising formats for websites who want to capture this customer profile.This reference is identified and validates a value depending on the agreement made between the affiliate program holder and his affiliate – it may be by CPC, CPM or CPA.



Companies or individuals with an online presence (websites, blogs) who are members of affiliate programs.



A methodology used in software development project management. Much in vogue nowadays, agile projects allow a faster development of technology solutions and must follow the four key points of the agile manifest:
1 – The individuals and interactions overlap processes and tools
2 – The software is developed over complete documentation
3 – Customer collaboration is more relevant than contracts negotiation
4 – Answer to change is more relevant than following a plan.
The agile methodology, therefore, recommends a rapid entrance in production, to the application be developed according to the user experience.


AI | Artificial Intelligence

It is a branch of computer science and defends the ability of machines/devices to imitate humans, that is, they can learn, think, understand and make decisions intelligently and rationally. Despite not to be a recent concept (has been existed since the late 1950s), its boom just happened in the 2000s, when were met the best conditions for its development:
1. Data models prepared to be classified, processed and analyzed intelligently;
2. Access to large amounts of raw data (which will feed the models);
3. Fast and powerful computing at a reasonable cost. Cloud computing and neural networks have set the stage for the exponential development of this technology that supports most of today’s innovation and will change the way things work today, as well as people and companies interact with technology.
IA answers in a simple way to complex problems that were, until recently, considered impossible to solve. It involves voice recognition and writing technologies, machine learning, deep learning and is daily consumed by millions of people on mobile phones, computer games, robotics, social networks, Google searches, programmatic advertising, etc.



Sales formula that aims to get the visitor’s ATTENTION, gain his INTEREST, arouse his DESIRE and induce him to ACTION.


Alternative text

It is the text that can be uploaded with an image to specify its nature or content. Alt text helps search engines to understand the image’s content. It is also very useful when the image link has problems and the server can not load it, being displayed instead of the image.


Anchor Text

It is the clickable text from a hiperlink to another page. Usually appears in a different color and/or underlined. It must consist of relevant keywords as the search engines use to recognize the topics covered on the page.


Anti Churn

It is the strategy used to reduce customer churn rate of a product and/or service. The churn occurs by dissatisfaction or cheaper and higher quality offers from competitors.



An application programming interface is a set of messages and services, that allows the multiple sites’ connection for collection and/or information return. In the web context, it is usually implemented with web services (information exchange technology).



Short form of application, generally used to designate mobile applications.


AR | Augmented Reality

Designation for the integration of virtual elements in the real context. RA modifies the real world by adding or accentuating information through computer-generated perception and enabling interactivity at the sensory level (sight, hearing, smell, and touch) and other sensations. An AR user can wear translucent glasses or cameras connected to a computing device, and through them could see the real world, as well as computer-generated images projected into that world.


ARPAnet | Advanced Research Projects Agency Network

Internet precursor network, developed in the late 1960s and early 1970s by the US Department of Defense.


ASCII | American Standard Code for Information Interchange

It is a code to represent characters in numerical form; a number from 0 to 127 represents one character. For example, the ASCII code for M is 77. Most computers use ASCII codes to represent text, making it possible to transfer data from one computer to another.


A term that describes customer infidelity. A high attrition rate means high customer exit from one brand and consequent entry into another. A term frequently used in the banking sector.



The process to verify the identity of an email campaign sender. In email marketing, there are 4 main authentication types: Domain Keys, DKIM, Sender ID, and SPF.


Automatic Speaker Recognition

Digital signal processing for automatic individuals’ identification, whose voice signal is sampled. Going further into RAL technology classifies a set of parameters using pattern recognition techniques. And as the speaker’s identity is intrinsically associated with the physiological and behavioral characteristics of his voice, a machine can analyze a sampled voice and identify the person who produced it. This technology is being heavily used in the Security sector.


Automatic Speech Processing

Digital technology that processes voice signals and studies them through samples, creating patterns. The extremely complexity associated with language, pronunciation, timbre, accent, physiology, and even human behavior, raises numerous challenges for researchers and scientists. It has a wide range of applications: from the best data compression for the fastest transmission (through voice signal analysis) to automatic speech recognition (RAV), or automatic speech recognition (RAL).


ASR | Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

It is an area of automatic speech processing and has experienced exponential growth in applications. By using RAV technologies, a human can interact with machines through speech. Automatic voice assistants were born from the development of this technology. See also Automatic Speaker Recognition.


B2B | Business-to-Business

It is the term that describes the business relationship between companies. It is common to refer to trade or institutional collaboration between companies, having gained more relevance with the banalization of the internet and the implementation of extranets and e-markets.


B2C | Business-to-Consumer

It is the term that describes the business relationship between companies and their consumers, having gained more relevance with the increasing use of the internet.


B2G | Business-to-Government

It is the term that describes the business relationship between government and companies, having gained more relevance in the use of digital techniques.


B2M | Business-to-Machine

Strategies developed by brands, based on artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, in which decision making is on machine-side rather than consumer-side (B2C) or business-side. The B2M is taking the first steps towards disrupting the traditional retail model (the consumer allows the machine to decide for themselves).


BaaS | Blockchain as a Service

The increasing demand for Blockchain technology has led some technological giants to extend its offer for a Blockchain as a Service (BaaS). Based on cloud computing, the market already has companies such as IBM Blockchain, Microsoft (with Azure), Oracle Blockchain Cloud Service, Amazon Blockchain Templates, Alibaba Cloud, Baidu Blockchain Open Platform or Huawei Blockchain Service, among others.


Back Office

From behind of operations departments from any company/organization.

In computing, a Back Office refers to the center of a system (software) that supports business activity but is not visible to the end-user. It has only a few tasks available, achievable by certain users with conditional access and ensures the coordination and forwarding of data entered within the rest of the system. On the web, Back Office is the update center of a site.



Advertising area, with links, placed on websites. That is a standardized dimensions area for an easy ad rotation. The goal is to capture the attention of Internet users to click on it and to take him to its website. Banner advertising is one of the main formats of digital advertising.


Banner blindness

Online visitors’ trend to ignore certain banner ads, even if they contain information that actively catches their attention.



Reference to good practices used in a market by the competitors or from different sectors, that have obtained good results. Generally, are the practices from leading companies that use to be benchmarked.


Beta test

It is the test of a pre-release (and potentially unreliable) version of a product, business initiative or software, available to selected users. While an alpha test involves internal testing, a beta test refers to external testing.


Big Data

It is the term that describes the huge volume of data that today “overload” organizations. Although the term dates back to the early 2000, when the analyst Doug Laney defined it in 3 Vs: Volume, Velocity, and Variety today is part of the corporate and technological lexicon because of the importance of its analytical side, an indispensable source in the collection of business insights and decision making.


Black Friday

It’s the day of the year for the best purchases at the biggest discounts. The trend of this Friday of November emerged in the US and quickly spread to the 4 corners of the world. It is the “warm-up” for Christmas in the retail sector.


Black Hat SEO

It refers to bad practices used to improve the positioning of a website in search engine results and that violate the search engine’s terms of service.



Refers to emails, IP addresses, or domains that are identified by email providers as spam distributors. The goal is to prevent an email, IP address or domain from blacklisting.
Ideally, policies and good practices should be followed so that they not only don`t get blacklisted, but are even also classified as Whitelist.


Blast Campaign

It’s a one-off campaign on GETbizz. It can have up to 4 channels that can exist in competition or with priorities among themselves. To learn more about this type of campaign, click here!



Large airtight inflatable placed in large outdoor environments containing messages. Usually fed with helium gas.



Market research on a product of which the consumer doesn’t know the brand.



The Blockchain was defined in the bitcoin source code as a source, in 2008 by Satoshi Nakamoto, the pseudonym created by the person (s) who created these first virtual coins. In the following year, the code was released as open source and thereafter it began to be developed for other operations and activities by the community. Blockchain is a distributed logging technology (distributed database type) that keeps a transaction log (block) permanently and inviolably (also known as a “trust protocol”) and decentralizes information (each time one block is completed, another is created and added to the network in chronological order and in a linear from). They have the function of creating a global market index where transactions are shared without third party intervention.
It is used in a public, shared and universal way and is already in a 2nd generation: Blockchain 2.0. Its proliferation is so relevant in different industries that sidechain has already emerged: it is a blockchain that validates data from other blockchains, allowing the integration and sharing of features among them.



It is the denial in deliver an email from an Email provider or an Email server. Many email providers block domains that are identified as spam or virus senders, or messages with content that violates email marketing conventions. In other cases, blocking is done by corporate restrictions from large institutions that receive large emails volumes, in order to better manage the influx of Emails.



It is a website, updated by the author or other internet users. This update is done by chronological posts and focuses on the author’s thoughts, beliefs, work, or hobbies. It is also common to contain links to other related topics.



It is a shortwave radio technology that allows data synchronization between computers, mobile phones and other devices that support it.



Creativity support technique widely used in the ad agencies and other companies for analysis of opportunities and attempts differentiating actions in the market. It is materialized through meetings with some rules of which the most important is the spontaneous generation of ideas without any kind of censorship.


Brand Equity

Added value resulting from the transposition of a product value into its brand.


Brand Loyalty

A term used to refer the stage of relationship between a brand and its consumer/customer through preference shown by the consumer about that brand. This usually results in more or less repurchase of a product or service (to the detriment of the competition in the same category). However, today this metric goes far than repurchase intention and should also be measured by the level of collaboration, interaction and brand recommendation. Brand Loyalty is the greatest active in any organization!


Bricks and Mortar

A term used in the US to designate businesses that only exist in the physical world, in other words, that have no presence in the digital world of the internet.



A term used to designate the form how companies present the objectives, the marketing strategy and the actions that should be taken to reach them. Very common in companies and particularly in the relationship between companies and its service providers (market research or advertising agencies). Usually written.



The concept associated with the generalization of internet access marked by the moment when residential access was no longer made through telephone lines (56kbps) and was started to be made through dedicated lines with large capacity (from 128kbps: cable, ADSL or optical fiber).



Software application used to find and display websites. Allows to display text, graphics, photos, videos etc. Browsers can display multimedia information including sound and video. For some formats the use of plug-ins is required.



In marketing, available money for running a set of different kind of investments in communication, public relations, events, CRM, etc.



A term used in computer language when a program code has an error. The first bug was caused by an insect (bug) who died on a magnetic tape data storage and made this tape unreadable.


Bulk SMS

Mass SMS submissions via web. This submission requires a software that groups phone numbers in lists and, in some cases, software automatically removes duplicate and invalid numbers.



Side or rear billboards posted on buses.


Business Intelligence

Refers to collecting and processing information for decision support.

C2B | Consumer-to-Business

The term used in e-commerce, when the sale is done by the consumer


C2C | Consumer-to-Consumer

The term used in e-commerce, when consumers make business with each other, often sponsored by a broker. The most common situation are auctions.


Cabling infrastructure

Despite being not visible in information technology (IT) the structured cabling is really important. The cables that connect the computers work like the highways in a country. The basic concept of structured cabling goes even further off representing an infrastructure that allows multiple uses (distinct systems like data, voice, video, audio, security, among others) and is flexible enough and quickly implemented for any space or mobility adjustment.


Call Center

Place that concentrates telephone calls to and from customers or prospects. It uses advanced Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to automate processes and increasingly relies on AI for more typified and frequent answers using bots and machine learning. It has the ability to support a large volume of concurrent connections by servicing, keeping track of and redirecting those connections as needed. It is generally prepared to streamline outbound campaigns and support inbound ones. A call center is typically upstream or downstream sales and marketing campaigns and is indispensable in e-commerce and deliveries. Some businesses depend directly on this area of activity, such Mail Order Selling and telephone or tv service sales companies (Insurance, Personal Credit, consumer goods, …). It is also common in use to outsourcing for support sales activities (help desk) or customer service.



Anglo-Saxon term for Investment Expenses (Capital EXPenditure).


Channel Priority

It’s the GETbizz given name for channel prioritization – Email, SMS, Push or Direct Mail – when you want to be selective in channels for sending a campaign. The goal is for the recipient to receive the message only on one channel and not on all. This way, all target recipients who have the valid contact for the channel with the first priority will only receive the campaign through that channel; otherwise, the campaign will go through the channel set as 2nd priority, and so on.
The advantages are:
1. Optimization of the marketing budget – the choice of the priority channel will tend to be the cheapest;
2. There is no waste of resources;
3.Does not erode brand reputation with the customer as he only receives the campaign on one channel
Explore our article on this topic here!



Term describing the abandonment (or imminent departure) of customers. Term widely used in the telecommunications business, being “minimized” with the “loyalty” plans that oblige the customer to remain in the brand during the contract period.


Clicks and Mortar

A pun used in the US to designate the type of business with offline and online operations – from traditional (with stores) until the expansion to the virtual channel (Internet) through e-commerce or web self-service – with the goal of gaining synergies and improving customer service for a bigger convenience.



Is the act of clicking on a banner or other ad format, which takes the user to the advertiser’s website. In email marketing, is the act of clicking the hypertext links for more information.


Click-to-open Rate

Usually expressed as a percentage. It’s the relationship between the unique Click-Through on a link (or multiple links) within an email and the total number of unique email openings.


Cloud computing

It refers to shared resources or remote information storage on internet-based servers as opposed to local servers or personal computer itself.



In marketing, the term Cluster is usually used to denote a group of customers that share common or similar characteristics; for example, the most active,  the least active or occasional buyers. It may also cross other dimensions such as customer value or sociodemographic data. By creating multiple clusters, customer segmentation will be refined, implying more focused and effective communication campaigns.


CNPD | Comissão Nacional de Proteção de Dados

Portuguese independent administrative entity with powers of authority, which works with in the Assembly of the Republic. The Commission is the National Personal Data Control Authority that oversees the processing of personal data, in strict compliance with European Union law and its GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).



It means an association between two companies in a market justifying when the investment involved may be too high or given the specificity of the product.


Communication Channels

It is the medium through which the message is transmitted. In advertising represents the means of communication. The most common platforms for mass media are newspapers, magazines, radio, television, and the Internet. By opposition, the directed communications channels more used are email, SMS, o Direct Mail or push notifications.


Company Portal

Had its heyday in so-called second generation Internet. The purpose of the company’s portal is to provide all employees and partners with useful and integrated information through a single interface. The company portal allows access to internal documents, data warehouse, groupware, email, as well as the web.


Competing Channels

It is the designation given to the action taken by the GETbizz user to define the same priority to all channels (Email, SMS, Push ou Direct Mail) selected to send the marketing campaign. That is, the campaign will go to all valid recipient contacts through the defined channels. This type of communication does not take into account whether the recipient has already received the same communication through another channel. Thus, the channels compete with each other.


Complicity Marketing

It results from the relationship between brands and Consumer 4.0: more interactive, more customer centric, more agile and more loyal.


CTI | Computer Telephony Integration

Allows computers to perform telephony control functions such as making and receiving voice, fax, and data as well as caller identification. Some of the basic functions of CTI-based applications are: making and receiving outbound and inbound calls, queries, transfers, conferences, and data call association – automatic generation of information from databases and other applications prior to answering or call transfer.


Contact Center

Similar a call center, this is where phone calls to and from customers and/or prospects are concentrated. However, communications are not just made through telephone calls, but also via email and/or social media.


Control Group

The Control Group aims to measure the performance of marketing campaigns. Before sending a campaign, a percentage of the target (usually 10%) is reserved and does not receive the communication. In the end, the results are compared and the impact of the campaign between the 2 groups evaluated. If control group conversions (non-target customers) are lower, then the campaign was successful. See also ROI.



It is a small text file stored on the user’s computer that allows its recognition, immediately and automatically, when he/she returns to the corresponding website again, using the same browser.


Cord Cutting

The process of cancelling expensive cable and/or satellite TV packages subscription. These subscribers, the cord cutters, cancel contracts for low cost or free solutions (internet television).


Cord Thinning

Is the term used for low cost  television packages subscriptions, more precisely, packages with a very limited number of channels.


Core Business

It’s the essence of a particular business ie the principal company’s activity.


CPA | Cost per Acquisition

Cost of acquiring a lead a prospect or a customer in marketing campaigns, with particular relevance to Digital Marketing.


CPC | Cost per Click

Cost to pay for each user click on a link placed in online advertising.


CPM | Custo por Mil

Cost per thousand contacts or views in an online advertising campaign.


CRM | Customer Relationship Management

CRM is a business philosophy, embedded in a customer-centric management model, where all departments of an organization work around and for  the customer and where all relationships with other entities (suppliers, stakeholders, etc.) can be registered and available in real time to all who need them. Based on the appropriate technology for data processing and analysis, this model consists of interconnecting all departments to centralize the business in the customer. The goal of implementing a CRM system is cost reduction, more effective marketing campaigns and increased customer retention through improved service – response times, complaints management, delivery management, differentiated and more directed offers. To implement this system, the entity has to review all forms of interaction with customers, partners and suppliers  or it may implement just partial CRM systems, such as marketing and business, internal processes, customer service, or others.
See also: Learning Relationship; Marketing one to one; Relationship marketing; Viral Marketing



Refers to sell related products and services to the same customer. It can be performed by one or more entities. This process is just one of several ways to increase the companies presence in customers experience by increasing its customer share.


CSS | Cascading Style Sheets

It’s a programming language used to format a webpage layout, ie to define the html elements (tables, colors, text fonts) for example, that will be displayed on the device screen.


CSV | Comma Separated Values

Information storage file, in text format, where each line represents an information entry and its fields are separated by a comma or semicolon.


CTR | Click-Through Rate

It’s an online campaign measure of success, resulting in into the direct response rate of an online ad. It is the percentage resulting from dividing the number of clikthrough by the number of impressions. Ex: (20 clicks / 1000 impressions) * 100 = 2% CTR. In email marketing, CTR is the  Clickthrough ratio between a link (or multiple links) in an email and the total number of recipients of that email, usually expressed as a percentage.


Customer Centric

In marketing, it refers to the methodology designed according to the client: data, interests, needs, values and lifestyles. Customer focus is of greater relevance than any other variable or factor and is based on flexible and time-adaptive strategies. And it changes company’s philosophy, shifting the focus from product to customer.


Customer Journey

This term is used to describe the several steps of a sales process – from the first interaction with the company to the purchase or after sales. Each of these steps has its own business and marketing strategies to optimize ROI.  The term Customer Journey differs from company to company and product to product and is the marketing solution to the growing complexity of sophisticated and cross-touch customer touchpoints.


Customer Lifecycle

Is the relationship process that guides the customer journey since the first moment of interaction between the brand and its customer.  It develops in different stages: acquisition, engagement and retention and these can be even subdivided into more specific ones such as awareness, conversion, purchase, activation, renewal and reference.


Customer Value

A customer’s value to a company can be the management of two variables: the current lifetime value (or the customer’s actual value) or  the customer’s strategic value ie the customer potencial value.



Adjustment of products, services and/or advertising messages to the consumer – sometimes almost individual – according to his profile and/or requests or suggestions made by him.


CX | Customer Experience Management

Strategy followed by a company focused on the customer and not on the product or service. These should be a consequence of the customer relationship. By following customers not only in the moment of sale, but over the multiple other touchpoints (online or offline), companies change their philosophy to focus on their customers and creating positive experiences with their brands.
See also Customer Centric.


Cyber Monday

In 2005, the Black Friday weekend with exclusive discounts on e-commerce, was not attractive enough because of the slowness of the internet at that time. And people waited for their return to work on Monday so they could shop faster. It becomes a so special trend that in 2017 Cyber Monday was the best selling day of the year, in the USA.



Metaphor used to describe the “place” where citizens turn on when they connect to the internet.

DaaS | Data as a Service

Acronym for the acquisition of a multitude of data-related tasks and services via the cloud. The great complexity associated with data processing and infrastructures, often to be shared by several geographically distant regions, has evolved the offer to provide remote data services. It is still a recent area but a huge development is projected in the coming years.


Data Cleaning

It is the set of processes that consists in normalization, correction, deduplication and/or elimination of damaged, invalid or incomplete values from a set of registry entries in a database, in order to guarantee its reliability, timeliness and accuracy. Examples of these GETbizz marketing processes are: standardization of names, gender assignment/correction, handling of mobile phones or email, deduplication of records…
A regularly cleaned database gives greater consistency to data for greater personalized communication security.
To learn more about Data Cleaning here!


Data Mining

Is the “knowledge discovery in databases” or KDD in the analysis process of a marketing database. This step uses tools like intersection of machine learning, statistics, and database systems that look for patterns without prior knowledge of the meaning of the data. It is fundamental in CRM strategies, especially in E-Marketing (trend analysis and recognition).


Data Purchase

Refers to the lists’ purchase from an owner of a file. The data must be authorized by the citizen (data holder) to share his or her personal data with third parties. This practice is the cause of a lot of spam mailing and it was widely used until the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) came into force.


(Google) Data Studio

Google Data Studio is a dashboard and reporting tool that is easy to use, customize, and share. It allows to transform data into appealing and informative reports.


Data Warehouse

It is a repository of historical information with all transactions made by customers in a given company.



A database is a computer system whose purpose is to store data according to organizational models capable of meeting certain requirements and organization defined by an administrator/manager.


Database Qualification

In database marketing, it is the technique of giving data quality through various processes and algorithms of data cleaning, normalization and deduplication.


Deep Learning

It’s a variant of machine learning that further deepen its power by combining specific types of neural networks with the already powerful machines analytical learning capabilities. Identifying objects in images or words in sounds are practical applications of these technologies. Health (in areas as the medical diagnostics or automatic language translation for example) is the beginning of solving many social and corporate problems that will not exist with the using of deep learning.



In email marketing it refers to the wide range techniques used to ensure the delivery of emails in the right place and in the shortest time. This term is also often used to define the percentage of emails that travel the entire delivery path – from the server to the recepient’s  inbox.


Digital Economy

All businesses in which web technologies have an important role.


Digital Experience

Brands that follow CX strategies are concerned with filling the channels where their customer are with lasting and interactive experiences. Providing good digital experiences, with easy language and interactions (including social media or chats), is part of Digital Experience strategies. See also Customer Centric and Marketing Experience


Direct Mail

Direct Mail (or mail) is a physical advertising (usually paper), personalized, selective and highly effective, which allows you to reach the consumer directly at home or elsewhere that allows you to accurately measure the results obtained, since it is likely to contain one or more response documents, QRcodes for online paths and/or a call to action to a phone line.


DKIM | Domain Keys Identified Mail

Used in email marketing is a form of authentication for an entity and its emails. This validates the domain of an email sender, as well as the consistency and integrity of the messages sent. Reputation generated is the basis of trust for ISP delivery of a message.


DNS | Domain Name System

Process used by computer networks to find domain names on the internet and translate them into IP adresses. A domain’s name is the real name for the IP address or range of IP addresses.


Domain Authority

A metric that assigns a given score to a site to predict its placement in the Search Engine Results Pages (SERP). As in the page autorithy calculation, this score ranges from 1 to 100, with the domains ranked higher, the higher chance of being better positioned in searches.


Domain Name

Address and location of a certain entity on the internet, for example,


Dot com (.com)

At the beginning of the internet, it was the extension of companies domains whith web business that used digital technology as the main communication and interaction platform with their customers and prospects. Today, .com is a widely used marketing extension for time-limited campaigns or projects, due to its low cost and ease to be commercialized.


Double Opt In

Process of joining a mailing list that requires confirmation by the consumer himself and consists of sending a link that references the recipient of the email to that link, to ensure their own interest in joining.


Drag and Drop editor

Tool that allows you to easily build an email by dragging and dropping editable elements into email structure. The main advantage is that does not require tehcnical knowledge of webdesign and to be user-friendly.


Drop Mail

Unaddressed mailing, where the promotional content is distributed into the mailboxes of a particular zip code or zone.

404 Error

This error page is displayed when the server, although functioning properly, couldn’t find the site page that was requested. This usually happens when the website page no longer exists or the URL is incorrect or has been changed.


Early adopters

The people who starts using a product or technology as soon as it becomes available.


EBITDA | Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation

It is an indicator often used to measure the profitability of a company.



This term is often applied to businesses resulting from the use of digital and internet technology as the principal place of interaction and making use of digital media.



he process of buying or selling using internet, digital communications and information technology applications. Some experts define e-commerce as all the steps in any business cycle using one or more of the technology described above. Others, define it as consumer and business purchases over the Internet, also involving IT support transactions and the computer’s online sale of code by developers.


E-CRM | Electronic CRM

It is the concept that envolves CRM and e-commerce, allowing CRM to take advantage of the same advantages as web-based applications such as 24×7 availability, self-service, and cooperation with other E-CRM systems. Some experts designate this concept by other names, such as Partner Relationship Management (PRM), Enterprise Relationship Management (ERM), and Electronic Business Relationship Management (E-BRM).


EDI | Electronic Data Interchange

Business data transmission between companies, from computer to computer, in electronic format. EDI is also seen to be composed of business data only (without messages free format or verbal messages) with standardized format, approved by national or international organizations.


Email | Electronic Mail

É a troca de mensagens produzidas, armazenadas e transmitidas por computadores através de redes locais, WANs, ou internet, como meio de comunicação.


Email Marketing

Marketing technique developed through the use of the email channel. The massive use of this channel requires several principles, legal and conduct rules, being the main objective maximize message deliverability associated with the sender’s online reputation.


E-Marketplace | E-Markets

It is a website that acts as an intermediary between seller and buyer, putting them in contact, so that they can do business.



Email message sent to a group of registered users to disclose information about sender’s entity. Usually the E-Newsletter has a periodical character and a predefined content structure.


Engagement (Envolvimento)

It is the process of create emotional or rational involvement between brands and their followers (fans) and customers. While not being an exclusive social media performance metric, it is widely used to measure the accuracy of posts’ relevance to followers and how much they are involved. It is calculated using the formula: Interactions [(Like + Comments + Shares) / Number of Followers] X 100


EPG | Electronic Program Guide

It is an application used by digital televisions to list the current or future broadcast of their channels. It includes program function summaries, subject search, immediate access to the selected program, reminders, and more.


ERP | Enterprise Resource Planning

ERP is the term that describes a number of business management activities supported by IT applications. These system can integrate many modules, including product planning, purchasing, stocks, supplier relationships, customer service and purchase order management. In current use, the term ERP also involves modules for the financial and human resources areas. Typically an ERP uses or is integrated into a database and the implementation of an ERP system involves a in-depth analysis of the company’s business, training of employees and modifications or new adoption procedures.



Local Area Network (LAN) architecture that was developed by Xerox in cooperation with DEC and Intel in 1976.


Marketing Experience

Event templates and experiences, often short and quick, delivered to customers, in-store and online, that are part of a comprehensive Customer Experience strategy. The marketing experience aims to create a memorable experience that will be associated with the brand that promoted it.



Refers to an intranet that allows partial access to authorized external users. While the intranet resides behind a firewall and is accessible only to people who are members of the same company or organization and are connected to the internal network an extranet provides several levels of access to external users. You have access to an extranet using a username and password. The user ID typically specifies which extranet areas are visible. The use of extranet has become popular mainly for information exchange between business partners and, above all, in sales channel automation systems.

File Rental

Process of buying mailings for a list. Deliveries are made by the respective owner, not giving the customer access to the list data. The buyer only gains access to the list with opt ins made by the campaign recipients.


Flat Files

Flat files are files that contain records without structured relationships with each other. For example, some programs allow you to export information in a comma-separated format (CSV | Comma Separated Values). This file type itself does not contain information about its content, so it requires additional knowledge to read them.


Floor Pricing

A pricing strategy that consists of maintaining minimum prices, seeking to conquer the group of consumers with greater price sensitivity. This strategy suggests great control over costs and the maintenance of very small margins, although possibly offset by the increase in sales volume.


Focus Group

Qualitative exploratory research of a market segment, with the purpose of collecting data about customers’ opinions, behavior, perceptions about a particular subject, product or service.



A term widely used to designate the follow-up activities of companies’ marketing  actions (especially communication and promotion campaigns).



Such as newsgroups, forums are organized by theme and users can submit their questions, opinions, or reply to messages from other Internet users. It has become very popular in certain professional activities, particularly those related to information technology.



Distribution system based on collaboration between companies. The one that has designed a product or service and has the expertise to explore it and which gives in through a contract: the franchisor. And the other: the franchisee, which, through available human and financial means, commercializes and maintains the brand image imposed by the first one.



A casual worker, without a commitment to any company.



A marketing technique that offers a basic version of a product or service for free. Usually, these kind of companies sell advanced or complex versions at premium prices.


Frequency Cap

Frequency Capping, in its original term, is a term used in online media to restrict the number of times an ad is shown (or clicked on) to a particular site visitor or social media over a given period of time. The marketer may choose to use this restriction on an ad, ad group, or full campaign, and may extend these rules to the entire media network of the same vendor.


Front office

The Front office term involves business activities or relationship customer activities and includes the personnel or structure within a company that connects the market and the customers in general. Represents the interface, that is, develops interaction functions such as pre-sales, sales support or support to various areas.



Process of collecting, opening post mail and reading digital information in the database, originated by consumers’ response to relationship marketing actions – coupons, questionnaires, forms, etc.


Hardware whose function is the distribution and translation of data on the network. It makes the connection between multiple network points (personal computers/servers) and is responsible for routing data to the correct network points.


GDPR | General Data Protection Regulation

It is the European Union’s personal data protection law which is the result of the joint efforts of Member States to lead the standards of privacy and security of European citizens in an increasingly digital and borderless economy.
In force since 2016, this regulation protects citizens and business professionals as it is only by explicit prior authorization that companies can direct communication to them, avoiding unsolicited advertising. Responsibility rests with the entities, so that, in order to comply with the of these regulation requirements, companies must adopt security processes and procedures that legitimize the personal data processing held by them.

If you want to know more about GDPR, check out our blog here!



GETbizz is a smart Omnichannel CRM platform. On the one hand, it is an innovative database marketing tool and on the other, integrates communication channels. This platform is designed to give marketers flexibility and autonomy for campaign management and marketing analysis of their clients or consumers, both B2C and B2B. Allows 1by1 (in-store) messaging, campaign automation, and real-time ROI measurement.
To learn more about GETbizz, or request a demo, click here


Google Ads

Small ads placed by Google using text-based search ads, graphic display ads, YouTube video ads, or in-app mobile ads. Advertisers are able to reach their target audience by paying to have their ads placed at the top of the search results page or get displayed on other websites.


Google Pagerank

It is Google’s algorithm for ranking websites on a scale of 0 to 10. This algorithm determines the order that pages are displayed in search results by analyzing the quantity and quality of site links, determining their relevance and importance.



It is an email that although authorized by the recipient (has to opt in), is usually not read or just read after a long time, so it should not be considered spam. Graymail is responsible for the high not open email rates.



Technology that can make teamwork more productive, often supported by email applications that include teleconferencing, group calendars, document management, electronic forms, and information sharing.


GRP | Gross Rating Point

Accumulated gross audience measure of an ad. GRPs are the most used media measure (purchasing space and time) and are originated from television ads.


GSM | Global System for Mobile Communications

The technology used in the 2nd generation of digital mobile networks that preceded the 3rd and 4th generation of this type of mobile communications protocol.


Guerrilla marketing

Unconventional marketing technique focused on the unusual, trying to produce maximum results and visibility, using as few resources as possible.

Hard Bounce

In email marketing, it is the message sent to an invalid, non-existent or canceled email account.



In advertising is the term for aggressive communication: it is the repetition, at least 6 times, of the product name in an ad, spot or jingle.



Hashtags consist of a hash sign followed by the keyword of the subject under discussion. When used online, either in social networks or search engines, hashtags load a link so users have access to all conversations related to the topic at hand.


Hat Campaign

It works as a campaign aggregator in GETbizz where multiple campaigns are grouped in a “hat”.
To learn more about this GETbizz campaign, click here!


Heading Tag

These are indicators present in the html code that display the titles and subtitles of a page. As well as helping with their structuring, they also help search engines identify relevant content and make it easier to index websites.
See also Page Title.


Heavy Users

The segment of the best consumers of a brand. They are very loyal and are the ones that most frequently consume the majority of the product or service. They have tremendous value for any company.




Request for a file through a specific server.



A company that has its capital formed by the majority of other companies’ shares.



It is the main (and landing) page of a website. It usually contains the main message and a menu of options and links pointing to other site’s resources. It is also common to have a dynamic content index.


Horizontal Social media

These networks are characterized by their focus on connecting people who share their tastes, opinions and daily situations. The status updates about many different subjects are shared across the friend’s network/connection. The best example of a horizontal social network is Facebook.



Its purpose is to promote a specific marketing activity, such as an event, the launch of a new product or a campaign that goes beyond mere conversion. Despite had more information than a landing page, it can’t be considered a site, not only because it has a reduced number of pages but a limited lifetime (it is removed at the end of the marketing activity) also.


House Organ

Originating in the term House Organization, is the term for an internal publication or internal magazine or newspaper of a company, being one of the oldest and most effective corporate mediums.


HTML | Hipertext Mark-up Language

It is a standardized platform-independent hypertext link and document layout definition language. HTML is a subset of Standard Generalized Mark-up Language (SGML) and is used to place documents on the web.


HTML Editor

A tool to create and editing campaigns using the html language. This type of editor requires web design know-how.



Os hubs estão em geral relacionados com os mercados B2B. São mercados online criados para setores específicos. Os compradores e os vendedores visitam o hub para desenvolverem o seu negócio.


Hybrid Model

It is the combination of one or more kind of models. It’s used around digital platforms, for instance, to different payment modes.



In email marketing, it is the process of maintaining contact lists that consists of removing hard bounces and inactive or abandoned emails.

IaaS | Infrastructure as a Service

Acronym for the purchase of network and server infrastructures (related to data centers) as a service. You only pay for what you use at any given time, and you don’t have to manage the complexity of these resources that are available in isolation for the time you need and the size you need. See also PaaS and SaaS.


Inactive Customers

Customers of a brand, company, or service who do not buy for a period of time. In email marketing, it is the recipients of emails that have not answered either to openings or clicks for a long-time.



Order receiving action. Originally, from telephone calls, generated by communication over a telephone line and executed by a call center. Today, inbound is also associated with other consumer interaction mechanisms such as landing pages, chats, social media, sms or emails.


Inbound Marketing

Inbound Marketing is a marketing technique for attracting new customers to products and services, generating new leads that will be worked by customer service or companies’ commercial department. These digital campaigns can be implemented via Content Marketing, social and affiliate marketing, search engine optimization or institutional campaigns.


Incentivized Traffic

Visitors who received some compensation for visiting a particular website.


Influencer Marketing

It is a very old marketing strategy that has gained more strength with the evolution of the internet and social media. The “recommendation” made by someone with credibility and notoriety has always had a big impact. In marketing, this strategy began to be used with “Brand Ambassadors” who were generally celebrities, more or less associated with the company’s sector. In the digital economy, these celebrities have shifted to other influencers: bloggers, journalists, niche market specialists (followers), in a chain that reaches consumers, who participate, share and evaluate services and products of the brands they consume. And everybody cares about the opinion of someone with who they have an affinity. Influence Marketing includes Member get Member campaigns.
Today, the power of influencers has a huge impact on any company’s sales.


Interactive Agency

An agency that offers several internet services: web design, online marketing or e-business/e-commerce consulting.



The wide range of interconnected networks that link different computer types around the world. They all use TCP/IP protocols and result from the arpanet evolution in the late 1960s and early 1970s.


IOT | Internet of things

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an extension of the Internet of everyday objects: home, building, car, refrigerator, toaster, vacuum cleaner, etc., since they are provided by technology, sensors or Internet connection (to collect and transmit data). The internet of things is revolutionizing industry, design, and colleges; and stirring the collaboration of all these entities to create even more utilitarian devices.



The term used to describe the use of internet technology (network and servers) in corporate networks. In some cases, it is called the “Internet behind the firewall.”


Intromission Marketing

Also named as Interruption Marketing.
It happens every time that advertising and commercial promotion are presented to the customer without him request or authorize them.


IP | Internet Protocol

IP specifies packages format, also called datagrams and address scheme. Most networks combine IP with a higher protocol called Transmission Control Protocol (TCP), which establishes a virtual connection between a destination and a source. IP in itself is something like the postal system. Allows to address an “envelope” and download it into the system, but with no direct connection between the sender and the receiver. TCP / IP, on the other hand, establishes a connection between the two hosts so messages can be sent over a period of time.


IP Adress

It is a unique number assigned to each device connected to the internet (your PC or mobile phone, for example). The IP address can be dynamic or static. For example, in email marketing, the dynamic address changes each time a campaign is sent from a server while the static address remains the same. The statics are the most recommended because usually, dynamic IP addresses are stuck in spam filters which reduce the delivery rate of emails circulating on these IPs.


ISP | Internet Service Provider

A term to designate an entity or company that provides internet access. With the properly equipped, the customer (consumer or business) can be access to the Internet and navigate on the web, send and receive e-mails. This service is provided to individuals and companies. ISPs are linked together by Network Access Points (NAPs).


IT | Information Technology

It is the term that involves all technology used to develop, create, store, exchange and use information in its various formats (corporate data, audio, images, video, multimedia presentations, and other media). It is a term that tends to include computer and telecommunications technology, in the same word, leading to the convergence of these two functions.



Integration technology of computer, telephone, database server, fax, and user in which the user can ask something and have the answer to his questions provided that is in the database. It can be in a conversation via fax, email or otherwise.


A language developed by Netscape that allows web programmers to create more interactive websites. Although it shares many of the Java language features and structures, it was developed independently. Javascript can interact with HTML source code, allowing developers to add dynamic content to websites. JavaScript is an open language that anyone can use without buying a license.


Joint Venture

A union or association of companies to unite synergies to improve their market positioning by taking join actions.



Image file format.

Key Account

Client Manager role.


Key Prospects

In a market, it is the group of prospects that has the biggest potential for purchasing.


Key User

The name for the privileged user of a computer application, which usually follows a much complete training plan, having the responsibility to guide their colleagues, the undifferentiated users.


KPI | Key Performance Indicator

It is a type of performance measurement indicator applied to various projects or functional areas of a company. In marketing, it is used to measure campaigns and processes success.

Landing Page

It is used in online marketing. It is a web page designed to catch leads and drive visits to the website. Are generated as a response to clicking on suggested links by SEO or SEM results or by  ads or campaigns. It is often part of social media strategies and email marketing campaigns as a way to enhance online advertising investment.



It is the term used to describe how images, text, graphics, tables, or other visuals are organized along the web page.



In marketing, a lead is the contact of a potential customer.
This term is widely used in marketing campaigns, especially in digital channels. The lead may be more or less qualified, that is, the advertiser may only collect contact data such as name and email, or also demographic data to a better offer adjustment.


Learning Relationship

Relationship between an individual customer and a company where, by regular customer interactions, it allows the company to become increasingly aware of the customer needs – tell me what you want (customer contacts company and says what he want); I produce (the company produces to customer specifications); In the next time I will remember (in the next contact the customer no longer needs to give the specifications, because the company has already the data). This type of relationship will explode with the advancement of AI and IoT.


Legacy System

An old or outdated customized computer system or application that due to being used because of replacement’s high cost. Generally, these systems offer low competitiveness and compatibility with modern equivalents. Legacy systems are often large, monolithic and difficult to modify. Recycling a legacy system, in general, also requires the reengineering of the company’s business processes.



Production process finishing system, that may involve grouping of one or more printed parts, which may include personalization and enveloping, in case of direct mailings.


Life Journey

The life journey is the term used to represent the evolving relationship between the brand and the customer. More than customer journeys, it is important to follow the customers’ lives across devices and channels and to be aware of their current and future needs through strong and lasting relationships.


Lifecycle Campaign

It is an automated GETbizz campaign sent based on a particular sales workflow, sociodemographic data and/or openings.
To learn more about this type of campaign, click here!


Lifetime Value

It is the future customer value for the company, calculated on the basis of its current purchasing profile, socio-demographic data and future potential measured by the company through several  indicators.


Light User

A consumer with a lower value for the brand. Possible buyer.


Link Building

It is a widely used SEO strategy. It consists of acquiring/using relevant external links to a particular page or site, in order to increase the reputation and improve ranking position in search engine results.


Link Popularity

Quantitative and qualitative analysis of websites whose traffic is generated by external links.


Link Text

The text used to name the hiperlink.


Loyalty Effect

It is about retaining customers and keeping them loyal to a company, product or service, by following the principle that it is less expensive and more effective to retain a customer than to try to catch new ones, from scratch.

Machine Learning

It is a data analysis technology that automates the construction of analytical models. Born as a pattern recognition technology, it has gained a new boost with the sheer volume of data available today (Big Data). And becoming a branch ofIA (Inteligência Artificial), it has proved computers can learn from data, that is, today’s machine learning is far from the complex first (static) algorithms, given that they dynamically identify patterns based on new data and make decisions without human intervention.


Mailing List

Contact list used by the company when it intends to send a targeted communication (by email, SMS, push notification, etc.) to a wide range of people who have given their consent. Given business dynamics and the need for companies to communicate regularly with their audiences, mailing lists become very difficult and expensive to manage, as they often lose their current status, requiring multiple data crossovers to avoid losing their reliability and consistency. GETbizz no longer uses mailing lists to send campaigns.
To learn more about Mailing Lists, click here!


Market Share

A company’s sales expressed as the percentage of total business sales, in the market where the business operates.


Marketing Automation

It refers to marketing processes that are automatically generated by platforms or other technologies and are commonly used in leads acquisition or customer retention campaigns. It can be used across different media and channels and aims to improve the effectiveness of marketing strategies and accelerate sales. The introduction of technology into marketing processes has reduced human error and streamlined resources, allowing marketing teams to automatically perform what, until now, was manual, time-consuming and repetitive tasks.


Marketing Concept

An organizational business management approach based on identifying and meeting the needs, preferences and requirements of the target customers, as a way to achieve better results of commercial action/marketing in the market.


Marketing Database

A marketing database is a computer system that is intended for the storage of customer data and all related data in accordance with applicable data protection laws. Because they handle sensitive data, marketing databases should be continually assembled and worked to maintain data integrity. They are at the foundation of building solid and productive relationships between companies and their customers.


Marketing funnel

Também conhecido como funil de vendas, está muito associado ao processo de e-commerce e ao inbound marketing. Começa largo (Topo do funil – TOFU) pois abrange todos os visitantes que procuram informação; passa depois para uma fase intermédia, mais restrita (meio do funil), onde são registadas as leads “com interesse”; as que efetivamente procuram uma solução para os seus problemas/necessidades (MOFU) e finalmente, os que se convertem em compradores (BOFU).


Marketing Management

Analysis process, planning, implementation and control of strategies, techniques and programs leading to creating and maintaining exchange/transaction relationships with target customer groups to sell and achieve the organization’s market objectives.


Mass customization

Early production of modules for a certain product/service, allowing the customer to choose several combinations. It is about adapting products, services and advertising messages considering customers’ segments with the same profile of needs.



In advertising, refers to the media that sell their space and time for placing ads.


Member get Member | MgM

A marketing technique that involves catch customers through the company’s current customers or its fans. These are usually offset by the effort of prescribing the brand or product/service to friends or others in consumers particular relationships. MgM (abbreviation for member get member) is also referred to as face-to-face marketing and is assumed to be a model that compensates for prescribers. It can be considered a type of influencer marketing.



Techniques for optimizing the presentation of products or services at the point of sale.


Meta Description

In SEO, it is the short description that summarizes a page’s content in search results. The meta description appears just below the page title and its link. While not to being analyzed for website rankings, it helps to attract visitors to the site, as it helps them to understand if they will find what they are looking for.



In SEO, it is the term used to designate information that describes existing data in order to facilitate data organization. Metadata is used by search engines to determine, among other factors, the content and relevance of a page.



Specialized content that may or not be part of a website. Generally, it is created for specific marketing campaigns or for specific content.



Online advertising format that is usually a short extract from a TV spot and is placed next to a video. It is called Mid-Roll when it is placed during the video (mid-video).


MIME | Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

It is a specification to formatting non-ASCII messages so they can be sent on the internet. Most of today’s email softwares use MIME support, which lets them send and receive images, video and audio. There are several predefined MIME templates, such as GIF images and PostScript files. It is also possible to define your own MIME types – this allows browsers to display files that are not in HTML format.


Mobile Marketing

Techniques for using and exploiting mobile communication channels such as mobile phones or tablets, using bidirectionality through apps, push, social networks, sms, mms … etc. Given the paramount importance of smart phones in citizens’ lives, mobile marketing will necessarily follow this market trend.



With the arriving of the internet and the devices development, people have come to be able to view, use and interact with and on several channels. And from single-channel organizations, there was a need to specialize the roles and training people to keep up the technology boom and serve customers better. Marketing was one of the areas where this transformation was most pronounced. Today, the multichannel concept is falling in disuse and being replaced by the Omnichannel concept.



Computer-controlled text, graphics, video, animation and sound widespread in multiple media simultaneously and in an integrated way.


Mistery shopper

Técnica de Marketing muito utilizada para a verificação e controlo de ações, campanhas e processos. Consiste em visitas de falsos clientes, aos pontos de venda, de forma organizada e estruturada para produzir resultados que possam ser analisados pela equipa de marketing ou comercial.

Native Advertising

It is a type of online advertising that seeks to call user’s attention based on their navigation experience. The purpose of this advertising approach is to present suggestions with context so that the user is more interested in liking and/or clicking.



In management: A group of distinct companies connected by a common goal –  activity, positioning or capital. In computing: a group of two or more systems or computers connected (in a network). There are many types of networks, including: LANs, WANs, CANs, MANs, and HANs.


Neural Networks

A neuronal network is a structure of numerous small connected units. By analogy to the human brain (and the functioning of biological neurons), these small units are called artificial neurons because they function similarly: they receive stimuli from one or more sources and disseminate to other neurons. Today, it’s one of the areas of science with more investigation and experimentation because at the base of Artificial Intelligence are neural networks.



Newsgroups were very popular at the beginning of the internet. Users participated in newsgroups by submitting and replying to messages sent by other Internet users. Today this concept is still used in some professions but is obsolete for citizens because, in practical terms, social media have absorbed this function.


NFC | Near Field Communication

NFC is an extension (or subcategory) of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).  It is a communication method that uses radio waves and has become very popular with the development of digital channels and mobile devices, along with other systems such as barcodes or QR codes. It is a short distance application and typically used to make payments or in advertising downloads.

1by1 Campaign

It is a predefined message in GETbizz sent from a unit (Shop, hotel, workshop, etc.) to a given customer.
The signature of this unit and the people in charge is automatically placed.
To learn more about this type of campaigns, click here!


Off-page SEO

These are all elements that are not part of the web page but influence the site’s positioning in search results. Examples: External links, whether they are in other site posts, comments, or even social media.


OLAP | Online Analytical Processing

The technology that allows the user to extract and view information from a database selectively and simply from different points of view. An OLAP-based application has the capability to answer information requests quickly, unlike traditional database-based applications. Another typical feature is that this information is usually extracted from a large volume of stored data.



It is a concept used in business technologies that emerged in 2015 in the digital age and is a step ahead of the term multichannel. We can even say that it refines the concept of multichannel, evolving from one view by channel (often the channel-organized companies ultimately failed to approach the customer when switching channels) to a unified and consistent experience. Used in different areas of the company and operations, omnichannel in marketing enables it to meet the increasing consumer expectations, for personalizing communication and offering personalized products and services.
Learn more about Omnichannel here!


One Shot Email

Also referred to as mailshot, it is a one-time sending of an email campaign from a marketer to the customer. Usually used for product and/or service promotions.


One-to-one marketing

Marketing model whose strategy is based on knowledge and relationship between the company and its customers, in order to build long-term relationships to increase customer loyalty. Its main drivers were Don Peppers and Martha Rogers.
To learn more about one to one Marketing, discover our blog here!



A creation by italian philosopher Luciano Floridi to refer to the new paradigm of current life in society, highly impacted by ICTs. It represents an intertwined blend of online and offline. This reflection was the subject of a research project organized by the European Union and resulted in the Onlife Manifesto – Being Human in a Hyperconnected Era.


On-page SEO

These are all elements within a page that influence the site’s positioning in search results. Examples: Titles and Subtitles, Meta Description and Alternative text.


Open Rate

It is the relation, in percentage, between the number of unique emails opens and the the number of total sendings. However, this rate is not entirely reliable, as far as the openings of texted emails are not considered (the referencing it dependents on the transfer of images), neither the email view without opening it, or the undelivered emails. Open rate is considered a key metric in email marketing.


OPEX | Operational Expenditure

English designation for operating costs.


Opt In

Process in which the customer is asked to accept advertising about a particular subject. In email marketing, it is the explicit authorization to receive emails. The GDPR changes this concept, giving consumers more power as the ownership of the personal data are them and are they that give companies permission to treat it.


Opt Out

Process in which the customer doesn’t want to receive communication from a brand or company.


Optical Fiber

It is a physical data distribution channel (such as copper wire or a telephone line) but it uses the light in a silica or plastic cable to transmit information, taking up much less space, faster and more efficient and with high quality.


Organic Search

Traffic earned from search engine results in a organic way and unpaid, displayed based on the relevance and importance of the searched word/phrase.


OTT | Over-the-top Content

Over-the-top Content refers to the distribution of audiovisual services over the internet (such as videos, audios or television) with or no need for a paid subscription.  Is a streaming media service offered directly to viewers and usually is a TV operator (Examples: Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Vid, etc).



The action of generating outbound communications in order to sell, update/qualify the database or provide after-sales service. Outbound can be used in marketing campaigns through phone, email, chat or apps.



Billboard panel (street) for advertising display.

3D Printing

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, is a manufacturing process where a 3D printer creates three-dimensional objects by depositing materials layer by layer in accordance to the object’s 3D digital model. This is one of the technologies that will revolutionize global trade (promoting local commerce with local impressions), health (with the “manufacture” of unique and custom-made organs) and many other fields of the economy.


PaaS | Platform as a Service

This acronym refers to the purchase of programming, database management or business tools as a service. More limited than SaaS, PaaS is gaining more and more relevance around developers and in new systems and technological models. See also IaaS.


Page Authority

Metric that assigns a given score to a page to predict the position it will have on SERPs. This score ranges from 1 to 100, with pages ranked higher, more likely to be better positioned in the results.


Page Title

Also known as Title tag, is the text that appears at the top of the browser window and as a clickable title in search results. This tag specifies the page title within the Heading Tag and is one of the most important SEO tools, so it should include the most relevant keywords on each website page.



The same as view. It is one of the basic measures of onlineadvertising.


Parallel computing

Processing of two different computer systems of the same information, in order to be able to compare the results of both. It may be a good option for testing a new computer system, although, depending on the volume of data to be handled, it can be very costly.


Pareto Principle

Vilfredo Pareto, nineteenth-century economist and sociologist. The Pareto Principle is also known as the “80:20 rule” – 80% company’s revenue comes from 20% of its customers. Pareto’s study still remains actual in most businesses because, generally, a short slice of customers generates most of the company’s profitability. In practical terms, however,  maybe 90% of revenue comes from 10% of customers, or 70% from 30% of customers, but the idea is that if companies focus their efforts on the most profitable customers, they will achieve greater profitability.


Pass-along Rate

Multiplier effect indicator of a message (social media post, email, website, microsite, ou multimedia file: videos, eg). It is a  word-of-mouth ou e-wom marketing measure.



A paywall is a system that prevents internet users from accessing website content (usually news content and scientific publications) without a paid subscription. There are two types of Paywall: “hard paywall”, which only allows access to content with a subscription; and “soft paywall”, which allows access to selected free content and/or a limited number of articles per month. To make up for the drop in print sales and in advertising revenue, newspapers have been implementing paywalls on their websites to increase their revenue.


Permission Marketing

It implicates the previous client’s permission to send messages and advertising correspondence.


Personalized communication

The ability to differentiate communication between consumers according to distinctive characteristics stored in the marketing database. Personalization creates differentiated communication as it distinguishes individuals, giving them the feeling of being treated in a unique and exclusive way.


Personalized messages

These are messages with adapted treatment and/or content to its recipient.


Personalized recommendations

People who viewed this product also viewed … or “Visitors who viewed this product also purchased …” or “You may like this product …”. Based on past and current site navigations and the result of machine learning technology, these are the personalized messages the user receives when navigates in an e-commerce site.



1 – Personal page
2 – Hypertext Preprocessor is a free and sites-oriented programming language. A direct competitor with Microsoft-owned ASP technology, PHP is used in applications such as MediaWiki, Facebook, Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, Magento, and Oscommerce.



It is a software or hardware module that adds up a specific feature or service to a bigger system. The idea is for the new component is just be added to the existing system. For example, there are a large number of browser plug-ins that allows to display different types of audio or video, or for systems that sum many and different functions such as e-commerce systems.



One of the online browsing support formats.


Pop up store

Temporary store.
Generally, pop-up stores are created to give a quick view to a brand or project.



An online advertising format that is generally an extract from a TV spot and is placed next to a video. It is called Post-Roll when it is placed after the video.



Developed by Adobe Systems. Postscript is mainly a language for printing documents on laser printers but can be adapted to produce images on other types of peripherals.


Predictive Models

Statistical models developed using various functions and formulas of the statistical field. With the emergence of neural networks and machine learning, predictive models had a big development with several applications in companies (e.g, in marketing) and in public administrations for social and public purposes.



An online advertising format that is generally an excerpt from a TV spot and is placed next to a video. It is called Pre-Roll when it is placed before the video.


Product Placement (Soft Sponsorship)

Sponsorship of the production of certain audiovisual content (television, cinema, etc.) through the presentation of product brands that are “placed” on the scene.


Profile Campaign

It is an organic campaign sent from GETbizz to the brand’s Customer Profile. Personalized and without shipping cost.
To learn more about this type of campaign, click here!


Programatic Advertising

Refers to the purchase of digital ads from online media providers (publishers) in a combination of technology and processes that allow segmenting more precisely a target of a campaign, through profile indicators such as gender, age, location, internet browsing, etc.



Customers in the achievement phase. They have, somehow, revealed some interest in buying, but it is not sure that they will. They are a somewhat valuable opportunity that is worth investing, in moderation.



A prosumer is a person who consumes and produces a product. The term is derived from prosumption, meaning “production by consumers”. These terms were coined in 1980 by Alvin Toffler, in his book “The third wave” and very timely today, since in many fields the consumer became part of the process of design, manufacturing and distribution stages of products, services or even contents.



He is a professional hired by a company, institution or state institution to receive and collect criticism, suggestions and complaints from users of the respective product or service and should act impartially in conflicts between the parties, assuming the role of mediator and conciliator.


Push-Pull Strategy

Marketing strategies used in different audiences.
Push: Focuses on direct contact and direct actions with retailers to “push” an increase in demand to drive sales to the end customer.
Pull: A strategy to encourage consumers to search for the brand/product through promotions and advertising.


Push Notification

Name given to messages sent to the mobile phone of a subscriber of a particular app.

Real Time

It referes to the highest possible level of readiness in terms of transmission, processing and/or use of information. A company that gathers and uses client’s data in real time can be much more efficient in terms of relationships with clients.


Redirect 301

It is the permanent redirection from a URL to another. Redirect 301 directs visitors and search engines to a different url than they have clicked or the one that appears on SERPs. It is typically used when it happens a migration to a new domain, urls optimization or to avoid duplicate content.


Relationship marketing

Marketing strategy in terms of building relationships between the Company, Brand(s) and/or Product(s) and their Customers. It has a continuous underlying communication program, which predicts interactions with the target, in order to generate information about consumer-relevant attitudes to the product(s) concerned. This information worked from advanced information systems, will be converted into knowledge and goodwill for the brand, in order to the customization of products and services and to the personalized communication that should be generated for the different customer segments. Relationship marketing actions are able to be measured in terms of return on investment (ROI) involved in its campaigns.


Relationship marketing agency

Company that supports advertisers in the development of this activity. See also relationship marketing.



Also called Retargeting is a form of online advertising that is characterized by the offer of ads based on the previous navigation by the Internet user (either on websites or in Apps).



In email marketing sender reputation is made up of a mix of domain and IP and is developed by a variety of metrics related to the account email marketing history.


Revenue Management (RM) | Yield Management

Set of processes for maximizing revenue from sales of a given capacity (eg advertising space) through customer research willing to pay the best price for a given product. It has been used for many years in airlines and is now widely used for advertising (online, television, radio, print), especially for the best spaces (first advertisements within a range, accurate pages in a newspaper, etc.).


RF | Radio Frequency

Radio Frequency means any frequency within the electromagnetic spectrum associated with radio wave propagation. When an RF current is supplied to an antenna, an electromagnetic field creation, it is able to spread in space. Many wireless technologies are based on radio frequency field propagation. These frequencies are part of the radiation spectrum.


RFID | Radio Frequency Identification

It is a similar technology, in theory, to bar code identification. An RFID system consists of an antenna and a transmitter, which reads the radio frequency and transfers the information to a processing device and to a tag, which is an integrated circuit that contains the RF circuits and information to be transmitted. RFID systems can be used anywhere such as tags, missiles, animal collars or even in food. The tag can load information as simple as instructions about how to assemble a car. One of the key differences between RFID and barcode technology is that RFID eliminates the need for a code reader.


ROI | Return on Investment

The term that describes the calculation of financial return on a project or business initiative that involves costs. ROI can be measured in terms of payback, as a percentage of return on an expenditure or as the discounted net present value of an investment’s flows. In marketing, it is associated with different impact indicators such as simple or incremental return rates, incremental average receipt, number of additional customers… ROI’s basic formula is the difference between the margin sales and campaign costs. Do you want to know this metric better? Click here!


ROIC | Return on Investment in Complicity

An adopted term by One to Oneto designate a set of metrics that allows assessing the marketing investment’s effectiveness converted into increased complicity with customers. ROIC is measured by analyzing various types of interaction, depending on the goals and strategy implemented, such as sales, participation in actions and campaigns, survey responses, service utilization,Member get Member, collaboration/content earned, among others.


RTIM | Real-time interaction management

This term was coined by Forrester to describe the current marketing phenomenon of offering a unique and relevant experience across any channel and at any touchpoint between the brand and the consumer.


Ruby on Rails

It is an open-source web framework that runs on Ruby, a free programming language.

SaaS | Software as a Service

The acronym that refers to the purchase of software as a service. It allows internet users to connect and use applications, usually cloud-based, only paying for what they use. Already widespread in enterprise and other organizations markets is a market trend for the quickly consume of complex applications at lower prices.


Sales Channels

The means by which products and services are provided/sold to the end customer. Concessionnaires, retailers, agents, help desks (telephone and internet) are examples of sales channels.



It comes from the term Social Commerce and is a specific online store format that finds on social media its main commercial support.



The new trend in the journalism industry, driven by the technological revolution, which consists of presenting content by scroll.


SEA | Search Engine Advertising

It is a branch of online publicidade that together with SEO (Search Engine Optimization) form the SEM (Search Engine Marketing). SEA refers to the purchase of space (text and/or images) on search engines or other websites.


Search Engine

Software used to search for information in documents and databases on the web using keywords. Search engines use currently updated algorithms to index and evaluate pages and documents and to be able to return relevant results to the user. The most used search engines are: Google, Yahoo, Bing.



Grouping of customers, parcels, segments, or sublists with similar characteristics and attributes.
Would you like to understand segmentation better? Find out on our blog!


Self-Service Solution

These are technologies used by the user himself, without the intervention of third parties. Business digitization has brought to the market many self-service solutions, such as GETbizz.


SEM | Search Engine Marketing

A digital marketing speciality that consists in promoting websites, primarily through paid advertising, to increase their visibility in search engines.



The generic term for any entity that sends any communication through direct channels: email, sms ou push notifications.


Sender ID

In email marketing, the Sender ID validates email senders and blocks falsified emails and fake addresses.


SEO | Search Engine Optimization

Organic website optimization process to a better search engine identification.


SERP | Search Engine Results Page

This is the name given to the results page generated by search engines.


SET | Secure Electronic Transaction

Mastercard, Visa and other financial service providers have developed a simple method in which consumers and sellers use the same technology to make safely and simply transactions on the internet. This method allows customers to make purchases and pay with their credit cards without the trader having access to their card details.


SFA | Sales Force Automation

It is the software for sales force automation that includes: contact management, sales forecasting, sales management and group sales. SFA is becoming an integral part of CRM solutions.


Share of wallet

In contrast to market share, share of wallet refers to the generated business by a customer or a group of customers relative to their potential. It is the ratio between the customer actual value and its potential value.



The term SISOMO refers to the combination of “SIght, SOund and MOtion” that has invaded the screens of the digital revolution and transformedmarketing, entertainment and technology around the world.



It is a file with information about the content of the site for easy navigation by search engines (sitemap.xml) or users (sitemap.html). The sitemap.xml file contains a list of all pages (and respective URLs) and an indication of which ones are most relevant for making page indexing faster and more efficient. The sitemap.html file has also often a list format that has as good practices include anchor text elements for users who can easily access the requested page.



Smartphone is a mobile device with advanced features whose the main – beyond typical mobile phones features – are internet access and data synchronization with the cloud and with a personal computer.


SMS | Short Message Service

It is a service for sending short text messages to and between mobile phones.


SMTP | Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

It is the main used protocol to send emails through IP networks.


Social Media

Systems developed for creating and building virtual communities by managing online relationships among its members and providing a huge array of paid services.


Social Media Marketing

A marketing process that consists of generating traffic on the brand/company website and attracting the consumer’s attention on social media in order to foster content sharing.


Social proof

In the context of marketing these are the techniques used to transmit credibility, empathy, create value and increase conversions by using the approval of others who have already purchased and valued a particular product or service. Examples: Real cases, reviews, and actual data (such as the number of downloads for a givenapp).


Social Responsability

It is a concept by which companies decide on a pro-bono way contribute to a fairer society and a less polluted environment. Company management is then guided by goals that conciliate the shareholders’ interests with the society’s interests, the local community, its employees, customers and business partners. Social Responsibility has often been used by companies with fewer scruples as a communication argument and not as a genuine strategy of corporate philosophy.


Soft Bounce

An active email that have been returned and not delivered. Often, the problem is temporary.



Unwanted and intrusive email.
However, not all non-requested Emails are spam. Most spam is generated by being sent massively to a large number of email addresses. The universal email spam rate is over 80% of all worldwide email traffic. These values will fall with the application of more restrictive laws as the new RGPD, in Europe


Spam mailbox

It is a “box” inside the email box that stores emails that the email service considered as “junk”, not make them available in the current email view tabs. However, this classification is not always correct. It is often considered “junk” emails that entered for the first time in this mailbox (being associated with unknown servers). It is also often classified as spam emails with attachments. It is a good practice to clean the spam box regularly, marking the valid emails and true spam.


SPF | Sender Policy Framework

It is a protocol used to eliminate fake emails being the SPF record placed in the sender’s DNS, and then the recipient’s server verifies this authentication before allowing an email’s enter.


Splash Page

A brand’s webpage that appears before the website’s homepage.


Split test

Also known as A/B test, it consistes of creating two versions of the same variable and analyzing which one performs best with the target audience. In email marketing, subject, target and content tests are the most popular. the inclusion of emojis in the subject, amount of text and different image formats. Also in mobile marketing split tests are used to evaluate different texts.


Squeeze Page

It is a type of landing page designed solely to ask for and collect user’s data. A good squeeze page not only includes the form but, generally, also a return for sharing user data, such as the free download of materials.


SSL | Secure Sockets Layer

A protocol developed by Netscape to transmit private documents on the internet. Nowadays is synonymous with safe site and mandatory on sites that collect personal data from the cybernaut. SSL works by using a secret key to encrypt the data that is transmitted by the SSL connection. By convention, URLs that require an SSL connection start with https instead of http.



A term used for the development system of an application or website, before goes alive.



A marketing trend used to build a stronger engagement with customers by invoking an emotive response through the use of a brand or product story.



It is the consent/request to receive content about a particular product or company by filling an online or offline form (or answering a question). Subscription content can be paid or free and translates into membership in a lista or database.


SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis is a management tool widely used by companies in strategic business planning. The term SWOT represents the initials of the English words: strengths (company’s internal advantages over the competing companies), weaknesses (company’s internal disadvantages over the competing companies), opportunities (positive aspects in the environment with the potential to make increase the company’s competitive advantage), threats (negative aspects of the environment with the potential to compromise the company’s competitive advantage).


It refers to to the group or sub-group of consumers or potential consumers of a given organization with the same characteristics and to whom marketing teams allocate resources and drive specific strategies for business generation and relationship growth. Target groups are typically profiled and classified based on purchase history, age, location, lifestyle and, depending on the products, gender, or other attributes the database can accommodate, such as family data.


TCP | Transmission Control Protocol

TCP is one of the main protocols of TCP/IP. It allows two entities to establish a data exchange connection, ensuring its delivery in the same order as they were sent.


TCP/IP | Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

A set of protocols that allows application sharing in the communications network between heterogeneous computers (personal, servers and workstations). Due to the standardization of protocols at all layers (including those providing terminal emulation and file transfer), multiple TCP / IP devices can communicate and cooperate on the same physical network.


Telemarketing Operator

Also known as operator, representative or service agent. It is responsible for answering calls that arrive at a call center (inbound) or making calls, as in outbound campaigns.



It is a call center application used to make sales and follow up sales by phone. It is a technique with great impact when communicated on television. It can happen actively (outbound), where Call Center operators make calls to potential customers, often automatically through CTI (Computer Telephony Integration) or inbound, where operators are waiting for customers’ calls.



In marketing touchpoint is a point of contact – physical, digital or emotional – between the brand and the consumer, generated to create greater engagement between the two. The set of touchpoints forms the customer/customer experience and varies depending on the brand strategy for the customer relationship: how they interact and how they provide information to their customers. Are examples of touchpoints: points of sale,advertising, emails and newsletters, events, packaging, surveys , among others.

UI Design | User Interface Design

It is the shape represented by menus, buttons and all interaction mechanisms between a person and a device for effective control of an app, software ou website. A good UI design makes navigation simple and intuitive with user-friendly interfaces that result in good experiences for the user.



Request to remove an email marketing list. Due to this feature’s legal obligation, unsubscribe is a text that can be in the emails’ header or footer, but that must be highly visible and generate a removal request automatism from its list.



Sell updates, add-ons, enhancements or additions to a particular product or service already purchased by the customer.


URL | Uniform Resource Locator

Uniform Resource Locator, is the documents’ and other resources’ global address on the World Wide Web. The first part of the address indicates which protocol to use and the second one specifies the path to the resource by using IP addresses or domains.


UX Design | User Experience Design

It refers to the emotions and experiences that people get when browsing a software, app or website on any device. UX Design does not live without a goodUI Design but goes further, as it pretends to transmit and catch values and benefits by stirring the user’s emotions.

Vertical Social Media

These social media are characterized by being centered on a particular market niche, where exists people’s connection and content sharing focused on a single subject. A good example of a vertical social media is Trip Advisor, where users describe and comment on travel experiences.


Viral Marketing

Recipients are responsible for relaying a message to others who may be interested in it. The importance of viral marketing has grown at the same rate as the increase in social media consumption, as socialmedia spread messages quickly, giving consumers a great and real power over brands.



It is a video blog.


VPN | Virtual Private Network

It is a connection established between a private network and a computer connected to the internet.


VR | Virtual Reality

It is an interface technology between a human being and an operating system through 3D graphics or 360-degree imaging, in order to create, even if in a virtual environment, a sense of reality. The more engaging and realistic the experience, the more successful it will be. The simulation of this world is made using advanced computer systems and techniques in which the user, to live the experience from the real world to the virtual one, has to wear devices, such as 3D glasses.


1 – Wireless Access Point-A device that provides wireless access to other devices.
2 – Wireless Application Protocol, is a safe specification that allows users of mobile devices (mobile phones, pda etc.) to access information at the moment.


Web Design

A mix of graphic and technical work of available components’ selection and coordination to create the website’s layout and structure.


Web Portal

It is an “entrance door” on the internet. Many of these portals were developed from search engines. What makes them portals is that they provide services apart from search. Web portals are aggregators of news, games, geographic information, shopping and are also a good “launchpad” to skip to other websites, through the directories that they provide and the advertising they expose. Many portals were created to aggregate different content but related to the same economic group or the same media.


Web Push Notifications

Name given to messages sent by a website to a user’s computer or mobile device that has given permission to receive them. The webpush is sent whenever a browser is active, even if the site is not open in the browser. These messages don’t have any cost to the sender, being a widely used tool in the e-commerce business.



It is a set of connected web pages in an organized structure. Most websites contain a homepage that user accesses when it visits the site.


Website Traffic

The number of visits a website receives.



Name given to emails, IP addresses or approved domains that are allowed to be delivered.
Whitelist is a “spam free” classification.


Wi-Fi | Wireless Fidelity

It is the technology used to modularize computer data through radio waves, becoming popular on wireless internet access.


WOM | Word of Mouth

A marketing technique that is also known as word of mouth. It consists of passing person-to-person information about a product, service or campaign via the internet. See also E-WOM.


WWW | World Wide Web

A graphic and text-based system for publishing information over the internet: it is the global network of interconnected computers, developed originally by the U.S. Department of Defense. Most of the web documents (or web pages) are created in HTML, a simple coding system. Computer users browse the web by clicking hiperlinks to load other web pages on their computer monitors.

XML | Extensible Markup Language

A subset of SGML, XML is a metalanguage containing many rules for building other languages that allow information exchange.

Yield Management | Revenue Management

English designation for the set of processes of maximizing sales revenue of a capacity through customer research willing to pay the best price for the same product. Used for many years in air transport, it is now also becoming a recurring theme in advertising sales (television, radio, press), especially in terms of the best spaces (first ads within a range, accurate pages in a newspaper, etc.).

ZBB | Zero Base Budget

The English designation for a budget built with no direct application of coefficients from historical values.



É um software de colaboração empresarial, assente no modelo “cliente e servidor”. Disponibiliza um interface de comunicação entre utilizadores, por email ou chat, assim como uma cloud privada para partilha de ficheiros com gestão de acessos e colaboração entre os utilizadores.